Deception Of Magic, the Novel

Deception of Magic is a unique Christian Fantasy that combines scripture with a humorous, action-packed fantasy world. Evangelical theology in this fantasy, aimed at youth and adults, discusses such topics as salvation, prayer, forgiveness, divorce, and of course, magic. Theology is presented using Bible verses from the KJV and NIV Bible through character interaction and action sequences.

Join the adventure as God's wrath rains down on this rebellious Kingdom, which was originally founded on God's Word. Javin and his friends must fight for their very lives as their kingdom crumbles around them. Along the way, they discover many truths about God, including salvation, forgiveness, and the powerful work of the Son of God on the Cross.

Javin is severely speech impaired, socially reclusive, and heart-broken over the loss of his childhood sweetheart, Chellell, who has left him and the church, to pursue magic. Angry with God for not answering her prayers as a child when her father left her mother, Chellell embraces the doctrines of magic. She is unaware that Javin gets ill whenever he is near magic users. Her strong distrust for males and God is based on her experiences of abandonment and unanswered prayers.

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